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CRITICISM is part of football, RACISM isn’t. STOP IT!

The just ended UEFA European Championship has once again reminded us all why we need to preach peace and unity in the world. Racism is taught , we must all stop it.

Some suspected racist English fans decide to air out their displeasure with an element of racism following England’s loss to Italy in the final when three black players failed to convert the penalty kicks.

Italy came from a goal down and scored in the 2nd minute of the Euros final game to equalize in the second half and send the game into extra time were the Azzurri triumphed by 3 goals to 2 via a penalty shootout.

It was a perfect start from Southgate’s men when Manchester united left back Luke Shaw volleyed from close range from a Keiran trippeir cross to send a Wembley stadium filled with anxious English supporters eager to see their men bring it home after 55 years without a major trophy into pure ecstasy.
England continued to amount pressure on the Italians defense that seemed to be very porous in the early stages of the game but as the game approached half time Chiensa who was a constant threat to the three lions defense came closest with a long range effort that had Jordan Pickford rooted to the spot but unfortunately his effort lacked the accuracy needed to beat England’s number one.

Chiensa continued to combine well with Insignia and second half substitute berardi who came on for Cirlo Immobile, their waves of attacks finally paid off when legendary center-back Leonard Bonucci scored the equalize from a close range after a corner.

Roberto Mancini a footballing architect whose known for his time at Manchester City built a team worthy of winning any tournament after a grueling 120 minutes in an Epic final the game had to be decided through a penalty shootout.

Both teams started on a good note when England captain Harry Kane and Berardi scored. Harry Maguire converted from 12 yards and benadeshili scored as well but Belotti had his penalty saved by Jordan pickford, Manchester United team mates Markus Rashford and and newly signed Jadon Sancho failed to do what they were specifically  brought into the game for. On the other hand, Jogihnio had the chance to be a hero but was denied by England’s pickford.

England’s chance of getting back into the penalty shootout rested in the hands of 19 year old Bakayo Saka who is of Nigerian descent. He had his penalty saved which meant victory for the Italians who where spectacular throughout the whole tournament.

Bukayo saka cries after missing a decisive penalty kick

Sadly instead of been appreciated for having the nerves of steel to even attempt a penalty Rashford, Sancho and Saka’s failure to convert from 12 yards only opened the door of a wave of abuse because according to the racist supporters, Black people can’t make mistakes – if they do, they’re sub-human.

Rashford who regularly speaks out against the racist abuse he gets on social media, earlier this year he took to Twitter to express his distress.

“I’ve been playing this game from the day I could walk,” he said. “I’m built for criticism of my performance but I can’t accept the ape, monkey, baboon, banana, jungle talk.” He added

“As a United fan myself, it’s really difficult stuff to read. And I can only think about how this would have made me feel as a seven-year-old reading it. How would I ever have any faith in humanity?”

Marcus Rashford cries after missing a penalty kick during the euro 2020 final.

Racial abuse from racist supporters continues to be a cancer to the beautiful game, one can only imagine the circumstances that black players have to endure when playing football.

Jadon Sancho sad after missing a penalty kick.

The black players’ patriotism is always questioned each time they have a bad game. Does Rashford, Sancho and Saka’s inability to convert from the spot mean they are not English enough to continue representing their country? It would be pure madness if yes was the answer to that question.

The game of football is suppose to act as a forum for unity and cultural diversity, therefore Racism has no play in football or any other sport.

STOP TEACHING KIDS RACISM! It’s taught and we can end it.

Credit: Zambian Journalist , Mutakila Munkusa.

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pan-Africanist enthusiastic about African football and its stars around the globe.

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