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African Super League Good or Bad? Big Clubs separated from small clubs ¿

The confederations of African football- CAF president Dr Patrice Motsepe has today launched the 24 clubs Africa Super League and its set to kick off next year in August.

Dr Motsepe said, the first 24 clubs that will participate are set to receive an annual contribution of $2-5-million dollars for being part of the African super league to use for expenses, including transport and player transfers.

The CAF president also said CAF intends to give all the 54 member associations one million United States dollars each for football development as part of the African super league project which has been launched today and set to kick off in August 2023.

The super league budget is $100 million with the winner receiving $11.5 million.

“Our intention is to use $100-million as prize money and to do that every year in the African Super League, so the club that wins gets $11.5-million,” said Motsepe

The Tournament will kick off in August 2023 with 24 high ranked teams in Africa participating , a thing which has been received with mixed feelings as some countries feel left out.

Other social commentators also feel the super league will disadvantage small clubs and as advantage the big clubs in their respective domestic league.


Published by Calvin Kaumba Chikenge

I am a journalist. passionate about culture , sports and developmental story writing.

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