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DRAMA: 2012 chipolopolo afcon heroes were NOT paid

Some members of the 2012 Zambia national team squad that won the Africa cup of nations have come out in the media demanding their dues for winning the prestigious trophy.

Some of the players include the then captain Christopher Katongo, defender Davies Nkausu , Noah Chivuta and goalkeeper Kennedy Mweene who have all alleged that they were not paid a dime from the prize money.

“We were not given the money. They just gave us allowances. We have not gotten anything for winning AFCON till now. Even the houses they promised us, they never gave us the houses.”

-Christopher Katongo

But former vice president of the football association of Zambia Boniface Mwamelo rubbished the claims by the former chipolopolo players and said they were paid.

“The players were paid. The Prize money came after we had comeback so what we did was , we got their Bank details and the money from the prize money was given to them via bank transfers

-Boniface Mwamelo

And in response to the former FA vice president , Goal keeper Kennedy Mweene has challenged the Veep to produce bank statements showing that the money was transferred to their bank accounts because they didn’t receive any money.

Meanwhile, Zambia’s minister of sports Elvis Nkandu reviewed to the media the government owes the players a sum of about K44 million Kwacha it pledged to reward the players for winning the historical trophy.

Nkandu who was recently appointed minister of sports by Zambia’s New president Hakainde Hichilema last year, further said the previous government did not fulfil the promises they made to the 2012 Afcon Victors and urged all institutions that are owing the players to pay them.

There has been social media reports suggesting that some members of the 2012 African cup of nations chipolopolo  winning team have said, they were not given some of their allowances for winning the tournament. 
Some of the players that who have beeFootball association of Zambia-FAZ has called for investigations into the alleged non payment of allowances to the players who won the Africa cup of nations in 2012.  

FAZ secretary general Adrian Kashala told S24 sports, a local TV station that that the current administration at the FA has no records of how the prize money or pledges that were made in 2012 were spent and called for investigations to be instituted to establish why the players were not paid their dues.  

Kashala also called out those who were at the helm of the football association then, to unveil necessary information on how the prize money was shared to help the current FA have answers to the questions being raised by members of the public and the players.

Questions remain unaswered as to  why the 2012 football heroes were not paid some of their allowances for winning Zambia’s afcon trophy which includes some of the pledges which were made by government and other organizations.


Published by Calvin Kaumba Chikenge

I am a journalist. passionate about culture , sports and developmental story writing.

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