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Aubamenyang lost his captaincy for visiting sick mom

Gambonese striker Pierre Emerick Aubamenyang who lost his captaincy at Arsenal football club for violating club rules actually went to visit his sick mother who has been unwell for while.

Arsenal fc on Monday announced that Aubamenyang will nolonger be the club’s captain for violating rules on several occasions.

However, according to The Athletic the 2015 African footballer of the year went to visit his sick mom again in France but did not return on the agreed dates agreed, a thing which left the club with no choice but to strip of his captaincy.

He has missed Arsenal’s last two premier league games as he did not take part in the clubs’s training due to Covid-19 protocol.

Aubamenyang’s post on Instagram earlier this year.

This is not the first time Aubameyang has missed out a game to be with his mum, who has struggled with ‘health issues’ this year.

Aubameyang previously missed Arsenal’s 3-1 win over Southampton in January after Arteta afforded his striker compassionate leave to be with his sick mother.

The captain also took to social media at the time to thank his team-mates for their understanding and explain the reason for his absence.

He said: ‘Hey guys, thank you so much for all the messages and calls over the last few days.

‘My mother is going through some health issues and I had to be there for her. She’s already much better now and I will be back home tonight. I’m more than grateful to the doctors and nurses helping her get through this.

‘And of course, thanks to my Arsenal fam for the love yesterday! I’m more determined than ever to keep our momentum going!

‘Thank you all again – I really am blessed to receive this level of support and love from all of you and I can’t wait to be back. PEA.’

There is now doubt over Aubameyang’s future at Arsenal after his recent disciplinary breach when he returned late from a trip to france which led to Mikel Arteta dropping him for the win against Southampton.


Published by Calvin Kaumba Chikenge

I am a journalist. passionate about culture , sports and developmental story writing.

3 thoughts on “Aubamenyang lost his captaincy for visiting sick mom

  1. it’s not fair the mother is sick and that’s a genuine reason,unless he was playing around,but you even have proof of his sick mother what more do you want from him.
    it’s not a good time to drop him as captain for now resind the decision please i beg for him


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