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A picture showing the Zambia football association-FAZ officials donned in a new Zambia national team KoPa jersey has caused a social media buzz.

The new jersey that has a touch of what looks like a depiction of the Zambian tradition fabric called ‘chitenge’ has received mixed reactions with many fans asking the FA if it’s the new 2021/22 jersey for the Zambia national teams.

The jersey has the Zambian flag on the middle of the collar and African fabric-like short sleeves.

The Zambian FA is among the very few FAs in Africa that dresses it’s own national teams with their locally owned brand called KoPa.

However, the leaked Jersey has caused a buzz on social media as questions have continued to rise as to whether it’s the new kit for the national teams or not.

Some have described it as a beautiful jersey that has recognized the Zambian traditional attires and brings out the national flag colours.

Another country that has adopted the addition of african fabric-like colours on their national team jersey is Ghana which recently released their 2020/21 season kit by puma.

The new Ghanian kits are steeped in tradition and engineered for sport inspired by the Ghanaian culture, a thing which the Zambian FA seem to have emulated in their leaked new kits.



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