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Mwepu’s trademark “NINKUMONA PASS” goes viral in England

Chipolopolo midfielder Enock Mwepu on Sunday showed a touch of classy as he unleashed his famous ‘NINKUMONA PASS” to assist Trossord tap the ball in for Brighton and Hove Albion’s first goal against Brentford in the premier.

The computer as his is popularly known by his home fans has so far scored one goal in the premier league and assisted once. It was the first time the Zambian successfully did his famous trademark pass called NINKUMONA which means ‘I HAVE SEEN YOU’

Mwepu’s NINKUMONA PASS to Trossord.

While at Salzburg , Mwepu was asked to explain his NINKUMONA PASS and he explained that it something that he is always practicing in training.

“The NINKUMONA PASS is very popular in my country. What we do is , we release the ball to pass my teammates without them asking for it because I have seen them in good position.” He said.

“NINKUMONA means I have seen you and so don’t worry, the ball will find you.” He concluded.

It was the second time Brighton fans were witnessing the soothing and calm NINKUMONA pass by the Zambian captain and they took to social media to shower him with praises.

In his home country, the midfielder is known for this famous pass which has previously earned him accolades from fans and the technical bench who trusted him with the captain armband and the iconic chipolopolo jersey 11.

The Zambian looks to be settling in well in English football as he continues to show class for Brighton and Hove Albion fc.

He has so far scored one premier league goal in nine appearances and has three other goals for Albion across all competitions.


Published by Calvin Kaumba Chikenge

I am a journalist. passionate about culture , sports and developmental story writing.

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